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Oct. 11th, 2010

totoro night

(no subject)

Haven't been up here for a while!

What I've been up to?

Got two kitties two days back. They're adorable, but too damn curious. If I don't watch out, they're in the fridge, or up a ladder they can't yet come down from, or in whatever other predicament. Still. They're too cute.

House is a mess. Not in the house itself, but the arrangements. Still wasn't able to get huurtoeslag (rental fee something) to ease the impact of a rent slightly too large to handle without it. Why? Because city hall hasn't been able to fix a splitting of the house (as my appartment 54-4 is recognised nowhere). Also have a too large energy fee, because it's based on (due to there being no splitting) five households. And then there's the landlord who cannot be reached, while it all started so promising.

Got a great boyfriend though. I've spent most of my free time with him, and I dare say I'm very happy with him. We fit in our heads. I didn't think that was going to be possible with anyone.

The other time, there's work. Work which is a drag, and yet they keep me from getting a bit of variation. Forty hours of calling is straining on the voice, and on my motivation, to the point I start counting down the day only three hours into work. But I'm not the only one. I finally understand why so many people are anti-my company. Because seriously, we do want to work, we just don't get the time for it. I feel like a robot there. So I'm thinking of a career move. If only all those job applications for web design and whatnot didn't suddenly call me underqualified. And freelance is too damn tricky with a rent like this.

And then there's ogame. Ogame's fun.

But gotta run now, work again...

Oh, anyone with me on nanowrimo in November? :D

Aug. 5th, 2010

totoro night

(no subject)

Life's bursting at the seams with things to do.

First priority: moving.
Which apparently isn't easy. I walked by the new apartment yesterday to show it to Eric, and the key didn't work. Correction; the key worked. But there was no handle. I'm as of yet locked out of my own apartment because people are still working there. Not amusing.

Second priority: manga.
I wish I could shred this thing to bits. The artwork is rushed, I don't have time for proper screentoning because every base colouring takes 1.5 hours to distribute over 36 pages, and I don't see myself care either. Deadline's approaching and I just want this over with. But with 40 hours a week and moving as well, I can only make time for this in the dead of night, two times a week at most. And that's when I need my sleep most. Shredding would be best. But others are counting on it, so I'll just finish it up to the best of my ability and get it over with. I wish I could shred this thing.

Third priority: promises.
Drawing for a friend; haven't had time for it. Sister's website; haven't had time for it. But I keep being reminded for it, and it's good that they do, because I'd forget about it otherwise.

I really wish this stupid stress would just go.

(On the other hand, I've never had this much to do in my life, and it's all somehow worth it in the end.)

Looking forward to the day I'm moved in, fully, and am able to take a few days off to celebrate. Also looking forward to the point I'll have internet again in three months or so, because that's when I start looking for a new job. It's all fine, this job, but literal nonstop calling wears me down mentally as well as it does physically.

Jul. 27th, 2010

totoro night

(no subject)

Life is... life.

Stressing for manga gets more frustrating when scanning takes 10 minutes per page. I'm halfway there now after two nights, but I'm not at all amused.

For the rest, just paid the first rent including the down-payment thing you have to pay as a sort of assurance. Which was a lot of money, but I've still got some left. Feels like I'm growing up a little, moving out on my own.

Tonight sneak preview. Soon my friend and I are going to do game nights in Eindhoven again. Because they're social. And fun.

Am still very much hearting bf.

Am also hearting kitty, whom I'm probably going to have to leave with my parents soon :(

So, life is life. Let's ignore the hassle that is worrying about my job due to contracts being a no-go for at least half a year and having a sore throat more often than I do not.

How's everyone been doing?

Jul. 17th, 2010

totoro night

(no subject)

Argh argh argh.

Money troubles. Why do house doctors charge so freaking much?

Also friend troubles. I've got one close friend here, one bf, and they're hanging out pretty frequently. They're hanging out now (though I was there with them earlier). Apart from them, I have so many acquaintances, so many friends in faraway places, but so little friends close. It's a little frustrating, being here and having my two favourite people have fun and not having anyone else to have fun with myself because I had to force myself to work on a comic I'd rather not work on right now because of this whole point, at home, and lack in friends that actually live close by or drop by from time to time :( Two people. That's so little when wanting to hang out.

On top of that. Ugh. Do want comic to be finished. As much as I will love the result when done, I hate having to give up these things for it right now.

Need more friends over here. Why is it so hard to make new friends?

Jul. 14th, 2010

totoro night

(no subject)

Got a place in Eindhoven!

It's seriously overpriced, so no doubt my savings are going to go entirely. Nonetheless, it's mine and I'm so proud of it! (and face it, there's not going to be a place any cheaper anywhere near Eindhoven anyway. It's ALL overpriced. There certainly isn't going to be a place better, because for the money I do get a gorgeous renovated apartment with bedroom attic and roof terrace, 50 square meters.)

Pfff little money for decorations yet. First needed is a double bed, saloon table, and cutlery/plates. And toilet paper, never forget the toilet paper >o>

Why are Mucha posters so expensive? D:

The good side: I'm minutes away by foot from the cinema I've got a membership with. So even if there's no tv as of yet and probably no computer until I get rent subsidiaries either, there's something to do that's cheap!

Jun. 30th, 2010

totoro night

(no subject)

Life's pretty good lately, even though there's little spare time to do the things I want to do outside of work.

I'm rooting for a contract, but considering I'm only here half a year, there are people here a year already and still haven't got that contract AND they have better scores than me, it's more like a challenge than a plan. Which is alright by me, because it changes the perspective of working into a perspective of growth.

I'm also rooting for a house. Rental. In the city, and hopefully nowhere else. If I find one, people should drop by. There'll be Mucha posters. Once I get my hands on them.

I need to draw. Need to airbrush. Need to do many many things, but it's easy to fall into the things of summer and forget about it, like evening movie catching, stealing bf time, have a cocktail (or ice tea, alright) in the city and have phone conversations in the garden until it's long past bedtime. There will be so much stress in not too long 8D

Ps. Yay for Spain. They owned the match, so I think it's good they won. Sad for Japan. They were my favourite, and penalties were such a lousy way to go. I caught them at the grand screen in the city on my way home. Am hoping for a Spain-Brazil finale. That would be a good one, and a gorgeous match to watch.

It's fun that Holland's still in the game and all, but face it: they won't get past upcoming Friday.

Jun. 20th, 2010

totoro night

(no subject)


I has twitter because my phone has free internet and twitter apps.

Jun. 19th, 2010

totoro night

(no subject)

Wanting someone's attention is frustrating.

I used to be so much more untroubled when it was just me and my solitary hobbies.

Though it feels more rewarding, it's still frustrating.

Jun. 16th, 2010

totoro night

(no subject)

Recent ramblings. I should make twitter or something. I've got a cellphone with constant internet now. Though will probably forget to update it.

Bf is in the south of Italy at the moment. Will be back tomorrow, went there yesterday. I had a terribly blah mood yesterday because almost all of the team, him included, left and I really wanted to come along. Alas, was too late. I hope they have a good time though. He keeps sending me adorable messages and I will so squee him when he gets back. Yes, I am aware three days is a petty time to miss him. I don't care.

On that messages note: omg, blackberry <3 I never assumed I'd be able to get addicted to a phone. But to other blackberry devices: free messages! Free photo sending! This is awesome! Constant onlineness if I want! And not having to log into the computer to poke people who are online. Yes, I used to live under a rock in cellphone land.

Airbrushing is hard as hell. I'm getting better, but it's so hard. So much harder than putting a pen to paper. CHALLENGE TIME!!!

Am working on manga of 37 pages. Need good paper. Have none. Have little time to get it. D:!

Need a place. I've got my budget set. Now an actual affordable house that is NOT a student room and ten times overpriced for its three square feet of moving space. Thank you.


Birthday is soon. I want to invite some people, perhaps there'll be a bbq. But most of my online friends have decided not to see each other, I think. And there are friends of here in Villageville. And I wonder if I could mix it up without any awkwardness, or if I should do something separate like going for a drink with some sometime. Because it'd really be awesome if I could invite people over for my birthday for once, instead of just family, but I wouldn't want anyone to feel awkward. Hmm.

Jun. 8th, 2010

totoro night

(no subject)

I need hobbies. Creative hobbies. That I feel like doing. Because joyful, joyful, there's a boyfriend around, but when he's not around I'm recently feeling like I'm not in the mood for anything. And that's not good.


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